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Why Study MBBS in Abroad?

Many Indian parents have a dream that their child will become a doctor. As same many students have a dream to become famous as a doctor. In India every year the medical board conducts entrance exams and then admission according to the rank. But many students could not reserve the seat in any medical college of India. In this case, they move to Abroad for MBBS. According to the consultant of the Axis Institute, the MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option since many countries offer high-quality medical education at very affordable prices. There are more than 10,000 Indian students who get admission to MBBS Abroad every year in different countries.
There are many reasons to study MBBS in Abroad
1.     The fee structure of MCI approved universities is at a low cost. They can complete the MBBS at an affordable cost-of 15-25 Lakhs INR.
2.     You will get MCI approved MBBS degree and also the opportunity to practice medicine in India.
3.     No donation or capitation fees, apart from the yearly fee.
4.     No entrance test required to secure admission to an MBBS college. Admission will be strictly based first-cum-first-serve basis.
5.     Most of the foreign countries to study MBBS, the living cost is relatively cheap.
6.     The universities are of a high standard and globally recognized by WHO, UNESCO, etc.
7.     The international exposure that will greatly help students in settling down.
8.     Medical universities use the English language as the medium of education. So not required to learn the local language.
9.     The medical universities of Abroad provide comfortable hostel accommodation to all its international students. 
10.  The many abroad medical universities offer Indian food too.
Well, it’s advised if you are seeking a best abroad college then TashkentMedical Academy would be the best one. For any inquiry or advice kindly visit the Axis institute branch.

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