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Do you want to get MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Students who are interested in the field of medical, they want to do MBBS after 12th. But getting admission to MBBS is not so easy in India. It is very expensive to study MBBS at a private medical college. In such a situation, students start thinking about doing MBBS by going abroad. Kazakhstan is also a good place to study MBBS. Kazakhstan is also famous for its natural beauty. MBBS is also popular in Kazakhstan because of its affordable degree. Several medical universities exist in Kazakhstan. These universities are not only accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) but they are also accredited by the National Medical Commission of many countries like India, Australia, and America. Kazakhstan is a country that is known for its culture and rich heritage. The Medical Universities of Kazakhstan ensure that Indian students here get the best facilities at the lowest cost.


Duration of MBBS Course in Kazakhstan

The duration of the MBBS course in Kazakhstan is 5 years. Here, during MBBS studies, the emphasis is on theory, that is, theoretical knowledge and clinical knowledge in the first 4 years. At the same time, there is more emphasis on the training session in the last 5th year. MBBS students in Kazakhstan get a chance to get trained in recognized and best universities.


Other facilities

• The process of enrolling in Kazakhstan universities is also very easy. Direct enrolment is done based on 12th marks in the universities here.

• If you are one of those students who have not got good marks, then you can take admission to MBBS in the universities here.

• Students who have also scored 55% marks get admission for MBBS in good universities in Kazakhstan.

• All the necessary facilities are available in the libraries here.

• Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is cheaper than in India.

• Students studying MBBS get a chance to take training in hospitals along with classroom training here.

• Students today pursuing MBBS from Kazakhstan are serving in reputed hospitals across the world.

• Students who study MBBS from Kazakhstan universities also get the opportunity to be part of international seminars from time to time.

• Kazakhstan also provides scholarships to the students and also provides good education at a low cost.

After looking at all these things, an Expert from Axis Institutes, advises you that Kazakhstan is an ideal country outside India to study MBBS. It is quite easy for Indian students to study here. Overall, Kazakhstan is one of the best places for Indian students to study MBBS.

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