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Guidelines for Medical University Transfer

Many medical students seek to transfer between universities to complete their education elsewhere. Medical university transfer is a facility for medical students to change their university for a valid reason. Sometimes students change from their university/college to another college or university, due to some unforeseen reasons. As per the law, a medical aspirant can change his/her medical college but there are some rules by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and National Medical Commission. This blog provides answers to the most common questions about transferring between medical universities and how to do it.

Question: What is the migration rule?

Migration from one medical university to another medical university may be granted only on any genuine reasons and this migration process facility can be availed only after clearing the first year exam of your MBBS course. Migration of students from one medical college to another only during the 2nd year of professional course. Migration during the clinical course of study shall not be allowed on any ground. Transfers are allowed only to students of the regular batch and not for repeaters.

Question: What are some genuine reasons for migration purpose?

The reasons allowed for migration purposes are very limited as follows:

  • Health issue of the candidate
  • Death of a parent of the student
  • If the candidate is Physical Handicap

Question: do marks in 1st-year exam also matter?

No, marks secured in 1st year do not matter but if the student fails in any of the 1st-year subjects then he/she is not eligible for migration.

Question: Is NOC (No objection certificate) compulsory from the respective college?

Yes, it is compulsory to get NOC (No objection certificate) from University. You will not be able to get admission to another college until and unless Parent College does not give permission (NOC).

Question: What are the steps to follow for university transfer?

Here are some steps to be followed for transferring between medical universities:

  1. Identify your motivation for transferring
  2. Select the right universities
  3. Consider the application deadlines
  4. Request transfer and other documents from your university
  5. Submit your application
  6. Apply for a visa and make travel arrangements
  7. Scout the new location and prepare accordingly
  8. Register for classes and pay your tuition fees

Transferring between medical universities can be challenging. If you are trying for a university transfer and are tired of all the paperwork, documentation, and application procedures, Axis institutes are guiding you to apply for a Transfer to a medical university for a valid reason.

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