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Increasing demand for healthcare professionals in Europe

Working in healthcare is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It’s fulfilling, with enormous job satisfaction and deep joy that comes from knowing you’re giving patients the best attention and possible medical treatment. A properly qualified healthcare worker is constantly in demand, and you can work from anywhere in the world if you match specific criteria.

Many European countries are experiencing severe health workforce shortages, requiring the development of efficient recruitment and retention (R&R) strategies. After years of Covid, and with inflation kicking in, many countries claim persistent staff shortages and rising demands are making their jobs difficult and endangering Europe’s healthcare system.

Employment in the European Union (EU) healthcare industry is expected to rise to 24,009,000 by 2025, while more than half of existing health employees are likely to retire or leave the field for other reasons, resulting in a total of 11.6 million job opportunities, more than in any other sector. As a result, the health sector is a major employment throughout Europe.

With a high standard of living and a large Indian immigrant population in Countries like the UK, Israel remains one of the top choices for young healthcare workers from India looking to move overseas. Despite the fact that Israel’s healthcare system is on par with that of other developed countries, the country suffers from a significant lack of nurses. To match this need, Israel hires English-speaking nurses from other countries. Not only are nurses in limited supply, but educated physicians are also in short supply, with experts forecasting that the issue will worsen over the next decade.

A skilled healthcare professional can make between $42,000 and $65,000 per year, depending on their specialty, experience, function, and other factors. The most significant advantage is that healthcare personnel have a great work-life balance.

Demand for Indian Healthcare Talent in International Markets

There are many opportunities accessible in the healthcare field for Indian Medical talent all around the world. Healthcare workers frequently choose to work in more developed countries in order to live a better life and earn more money. Indian medical personnel is among the most in-demand healthcare experts worldwide. Doctors, laboratory technicians, nurses, pharmacists, and support staff are essential to offering timely delivery and care for the population.

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