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MBBS in Uzbekistan


Most students are eager to study abroad. Anyone looking for a challenging and unique atmosphere to study can choose Uzbekistan. The right opportunities are available for people to consider furthering their medical education. The various cultures and histories are appealing to many students. Students from a huge variety of countries come here to study MBBS in Uzbekistan. Today, a growing number of students are looking into MBBS programmes in Uzbekistan.

Is Uzbekistan good for MBBS IN 2023-24?

For a variety of factors, Uzbekistan’s medical schools top the list of student preferences.

  1. The quality of the education provided, the numerous learning diagnostics used, and the chance for innovation are the main reasons.
  2. Both society and colleges are secure.
  3. In Uzbekistan, you will find several important and contemporary amenities, like transportation and communications.
  4. This country has a high percentage of literacy and provides clinical exams to students from other countries at genuinely affordable prices. This country offers a unique learning environment where you can live a truly quiet life.
  5. A perfect place that inspires Indian students to pursue an MBBS in Uzbekistan.
  6. The cost is one of the main advantages of thinking about an MBBS in Uzbekistan in 2023–2024. You will discover that the cost of education is lower when compared to some of India’s private med colleges.
  7. There are many Uzbekistan top universities that are recognised by MCI and international organisations like WHO.
  8. English is the primary language of instruction at Uzbek med colleges. Consequently, it won’t be difficult for Indian students to enrol in Uzbekistan’s medical schools.
  9. The quality of medical university education in Uzbekistan is good, and this country’s universities have a strong basis.
  10. The cost of MBBS study in Uzbekistan in 2023–2024 is very reasonable. The majority of Uzbek med colleges charge between 15 and 20 lakh soums for the entire programme.
  11. Other factors include legal protection, favourable weather, a secure community, and the accessibility of regular health insurance.

We suggest Uzbekistan to Indian students for the medical examinations because you will get high education to explore their way of life. The Axis Institutes is the organisation which helps the students in many ways to get admission in the countries like Uzbekistan. They will guide for admission in Top MCI result University in Uzbekistan. They are also working with the medical university in Uzbekistan. Not only this, The Axis Institute is the direct authorized representative of Tashkent Medical Academy / Samarkand State Medical University in Uzbekistan.

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