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Over the previous few years, the number of students studying abroad has significantly increased. Many of us want to finish our studies overseas. Yet, many of us are still afraid to continue our higher education on a worldwide scale. Although the prospect of studying MBBS abroad can be daunting at first, the goal of studying abroad is more than just earning a foreign degree. It’s about discovering a new culture and way of life, making friends from many ethnicities, and trying new things! In this blog, we will debunk some common myths that may be stopping you from studying abroad.

Indian aspirants get neglected

Fact: Professors in foreign universities act as role models to all students. They pay equal and close attention to each student. They are always accessible to give foreign students advice on courses and universities. Professors believe that every student learns successfully and is not scared to ask questions.

Abroad is Unsafe for Indian Students

Fact: Parents are concerned about sending their children to study abroad in a foreign country far away from home. Several mishaps occur all around the world, such as ragging, religious issues, and many others. Many reputable overseas colleges offer their students a secure environment. Many colleges have zero-tolerance policies for ragging and harassment of international students. They are enforcing tight laws to ensure the safety of their students.

Language problems in Abroad

Fact: The English language is used as the medium of instruction at the majority of foreign universities. So, before applying abroad, consider the language medium. You will find it tough at first, but it is not a major issue. Before beginning your course, start listening to English audio that will assist you to recognise foreign language accents and speech modulation. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a new language or a different variant of English in a foreign nation.

Difficult to get the desired university

Fact: Students are disappointed when they are unable to find their desired university or course abroad. In reality, students can locate a better and more popular university in another country. Because the names of the universities and MBBS programs may differ, it is always best to review the syllabus before concluding that your desired program is not offered.

Take more time to complete the Graduation

Fact: The myth about studying abroad can lead to delayed graduation can easily be debunked if the students do their research well and plan their studies properly. Getting the extra year, Students also get the opportunity to study in advanced classes which may boost their GPA and give them more exposure, which may not be available in your local universities.

Less Value of an International Degree in India

Fact: This myth about studying abroad is not entirely correct. With globalization, students with international degrees are preferred by the majority of Indian businesses and hospitals. Healthcare industries prefer students with professional degrees from reputable overseas universities since they provide value to their sector.

With high NEET scorers can study abroad

Fact: Every year thousands of Indian undergraduate students take the NEET entrance exam in the hope of getting qualified for a seat in medical college. The myth that only students with high NEET scores can study abroad has disheartened many students from pursuing their MBBS in foreign universities. Although many international universities require high NEET scores to apply for their programs, there are still universities that have lower NEET score requirements for students.

Wrap up!

These myths about studying abroad are often a result of misunderstanding and lack of research. Students can always enquire with relevant foreign universities or seek educational consultants regarding the degrees and courses offered internationally. If you have any inquiries you can contact the Axis institutes’ career counselors. You will surely get your all myths answered.

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