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Study MBBS in Uzbekistan for Indian Students

Study MBBS in Uzbekistan for Indian Students

Uzbekistan is a brilliant option for those interested in pursuing an MBBS program because of the exceptional quality of education offered there. The people of Uzbekistan are incredibly nice and live in a very peaceful country. In the Central Soviet region, they are innovators in advanced education. For MBBS, Uzbekistan offers the best universities. Since CCTV cameras are installed throughout the country, it is secure and safe for citizens. The locals here are very hospitable to Indians and show a lot of respect for our nation.

Uzbekistan is emerging as one of the best MBBS education systems in the world. The country has been developing the very best conditions for a successful high-quality education system for all citizens. The economy of the country has flourished intensely over the past years. So it is grooming into a hub for international investments. International firms are keen to invest in Uzbekistan.

Most of the Medical Universities of Uzbekistan is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and other medical councils across the world. There is no entrance exam or language proficiency exams like- ILETS or TOEFL required for MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Cost of MBBS in Uzbekistan

An MBBS degree in Uzbekistan costs approximately Rs. 15–20 lakhs in total. Since Uzbekistan’s MBBS program is quite affordable in comparison to other nations, Indian students frequently enroll there.

Some universities like Bukhara State Medical Institute, Tashkent Medical Academy, Samarkand State Medical Institute, and Second Tashkent State Medical Institute, in Uzbekistan provide low-cost MBBS education to students. In addition to the study expenditures, you will need to budget for other expenses while studying MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan for Indian students

  1. Collaboration and Partnership with Indian Universities
  2. Safe and friendly environment for Indian students
  3. MBBS Course in the English language
  4. Duration of MBBS is 5 Years
  5. Living expenses and cost of education are comparatively very low
  6. Most universities are Government-funded
  7. Recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI)
  8. No entrance exam or language proficiency exams like- ILETS or TOEFL
  9. Transport medium like flights from India to Uzbekistan with a duration of only 3 hours are direct.
  10. International Exposure


There are various colleges in Uzbekistan which provide the best medical studies to the students. When you choose a college, we would recommend you to choose the Central Government-owned colleges like Tashkent Medical Academy.


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