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For MBBS abroad, Uzbekistan is good and it has many governments and private colleges that you can get admission in. Uzbekistan 2024-25 is one of the worthy choices for Indian students to study medicine abroad. Medical studies in Uzbekistan are excellent and satisfy the worldwide guideline of instruction. From the previous many years, there has been a high craze for students for studying MBBS abroad. Uzbekistan has many reliable MBBS universities which give good education at affordable tuition. We are talking here about the three most valuable universities.

Samarkand State Medical Institute

Samarkand State Medical Institute’s medicine department has 19 departments that offer MBBS education in English medium with good clinical exposure.

Samarkand State Medical Institute Country Rank: 15

World Rank: 7954

Tashkent Medical Academy

Tashkent Medical Academy was established in the capital Tashkent in Uzbekistan. It has very affordable tuition fees and hostel charges.

Tashkent Medical Academy Country Rank: 5

World Rank: 6342

Andijan State Medical Institute

Andijan State Medical Institute is one of the top medical universities in Uzbekistan founded in 1955 in Andijan city. The university has 56 departments of medicine, pediatrics, and dentistry with over 533 professors, 130 candidates of science, and over 100 international students are there.

Andijan State Medical Institute Country Rank 2

World Rank: 5044

Main Features of MBBS universities in Uzbekistan

Most government medical colleges in Uzbekistan are approved by ECFMG, WHO, and more. The medium of teaching in the universities is English, which makes understanding the MBBS course quite easy. MBBS is a six years course in Uzbekistan. MBBS in universities of Uzbekistan gives excellent exposure to training for regional pathology, learning diagnostics, taking care of patients, practicing medical care, and more. The infrastructure and campus are really good. The budget is also affordable for tuition fees and the hostel. The cost of living is also very much affordable. The general cost for essential items is also very low.

Axis Institutes will help you decide the economical University and best university in Uzbekistan for your medical college selection. Axis Institutes is a direct authorized representative of Tashkent Medical Academy / Samarkand State Medical University in Uzbekistan.

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