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Top Reasons to Choose Uzbekistan to Study MBBS

In India, Uzbekistan is becoming a good choice for many aspirants. Every year many students come to Uzbekistan for MBBS . There are various reasons for which students want to pursue their MBBS from Uzbekistan. No doubt, that It is a better choice as well as a decision.

1. One strong reason is the high quality of education.

2. Some other factors such as religious freedom, strict law defence, the favourable climate which allure Indian students to study Uzbekistan.

3. At Uzbekistan, transportation and communications are some of the major and modern conveniences to attract students.

4. Another reason is, Health insurance can be easily approved from any travel insurance from any regular health insurance company in India for study MBBS in Uzbekistan.

5. Uzbekistan has several well-facilitated Government and private Medical Universities for example Samarkand State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan that offer MBBS, MD, and other medical degree courses.

6. The important thing is MBBS degree from Uzbekistan is acceptable in India and across the world.

7. Studying MBBS from Uzbekistan is one of the inexpensive MBBS programs as compared to other countries and a good choice for Indian students.

8. There is no entrance exam required to get admission to the MBBS Universities in Uzbekistan only certain eligibility criteria that students have to clear for MBBS admission in Uzbekistan.

9. It is required to qualify NEET exam because some universities offer admission to MBBS for students who have scored just qualification marks in the Exam.

10. There are plenty of jobs available in Uzbekistan for MBBS doctors with a lucrative salary package.

11. Pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan provides a higher scope of education, best practices in the healthcare industry, and other personality development.

12. MBBS in Uzbekistan provides scopes to medical students to participate in professional programs to get a dual degree.

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