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Medicine has always been one of the most lucrative career options both in India and abroad as well. A noble profession aimed towards promoting a healthier society. Universities, all over the world design the course according to the criteria they deemed as best suited.


While selecting the medical college, aspirants and their parents compare the fee structure and education quality. Are you confused to select the best country to study MBBS at a low cost? This article may help you to select the best country and best medical college to fulfill your dream of studying MBBS abroad.


There are a lot of Medical Universities that have high world ranking than most of the medical colleges in India If we talk about the best for studying MBBS Abroad at a low cost, then there are many countries for MBBS from Uzbekistan, MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, Study MBBS in Spain, MBBS in Philippines that are known for the low-cost MBBS Program. These low-cost medical colleges abroad are the best resource for Indian medical aspirants. Education, Infrastructure, and Facilities are standard in those universities.


After receiving the MBBS degree from any recognized medical institute in these countries, the student can practice in any country across the globe.


Those who want to study MBBS Abroad can get the best quality education at an affordable fee of 15-25 Lakhs INR. The total fee is really low compared to the private institutes in India. Besides, these Institutes do not demand to pay any extra pay or donation for admission except for the admission and tuition fee. They give admission based on eligibility; once the student fulfills all the formalities, the student is allowed to attend the classes from the announced date.


Are you worried about the cost of living? It is natural but these countries provide you with quality and affordable accommodation. They give you the facility of Mess and laundry. You can take a private lodging option. It is also available in these countries but at a very affordable rate compared to elsewhere.


It’s about your CAREER, never take a wrong decision, it is always advisable for students to take counseling before choosing any country or university for MBBS.


Axis Institutes offers direct admission to top universities to study MBBS Abroad like Kyrgyzstan, Russia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Spain.

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