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Why is there an increase in MBBS Abroad Admissions?

The medical field is one of the most trending career options. Every parent dreams that their son or daughter should become a doctor. Although getting an MBBS degree is not easy in today’s time. It is the first step in the journey of becoming a doctor. Getting admission for a medical seat in India is not that easy due to the high difference in ratio between the number of seats available and the number of applicants. So the competition for MBBS admission in India is increasing. On the other hand, if you think about the private college, crores of rupees are spent studying MBBS from there. So students opt for MBBS courses abroad, where cheap and good education is available. MBBS Course from Abroad Countries is a top chosen option by the Indian students now.


Why Study MBBS Abroad?

•   MBBS Abroad Admission Procedure is totally hassle-free. There is no donation fee for getting admission to medical colleges abroad.

•   There is no need for an entrance exam to get admission to medical colleges abroad. Students can apply online at the preferred university. It has an easy and simple procedure of studying MBBS abroad.

•   Students can get an MBBS degree from abroad at an affordable cost as compared to medical colleges in India. The fee structure is 20- 80 lakhs for the 5-6 years of the program for medical study in a foreign country, depending on the university.

•   The availability of world-class infrastructure and facilities is also the main reason why students want to study medicine abroad.

•   Most of the abroad universities offer the low cost of accommodation with all the essential amenities provided to the students at the university at budget-friendly prices. The cost of living in these countries is low.

•   Most of the medical universities abroad use the English language as the medium of instruction. This makes it easy for the students to study the syllabus.

•   The big benefit while studying MBBS abroad, there are many opportunities for you to gain international learning and work exposure. You get the chance to interact with students coming from different countries, backgrounds, and ethnicities at top medical universities abroad.


Numerous countries offer the best medical studies, and every year numerous students travel to different countries to study MBBS. The top destinations for MBBS are Russia, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, the UK, Singapore, and many more. Indian students prefer studying MBBS in Uzbekistan or MBBS in Ukraine as they have top world-ranked universities in low cost curriculum.

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