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Best medical university in Uzbekistan

Best medical university in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a great record in terms of education. Not only Indian students, but many other International students also fly to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan. Students looking for MBBS abroad degrees may get confused because there are a lot of universities that provide MBBS abroad degrees.

We will name here the top most Universities such as Tashkent Medical Academy and Samarkand State Medical University. They attract students with great infrastructure with all the needed facilities. With Low-Cost MBBS in Uzbekistan, there is no doubt that these universities can be an ideal destination for all Indian students.

Here are some other features that make them the best university in Uzbekistan.

  • Accredited and Recognized

Top Medical Universities in Uzbekistan are accredited/ approved/recognized/certified by the major Medical Institutions like the Medical Council of India (MCI)), World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Medical Council of Canada (MCC), and other institutions and students who graduate from these universities are eligible to apply for the Medical Licensing Examination of any country in the world.

  • Expense Factor

These two universities of Uzbekistan are the best choice for all those who are looking for a cheap MBBS abroad solution. The overall tuition fee is low as well as the cost of living in the country is considerably economical.

  • English Medium Education

The medical universities of Uzbekistan follow a complete English curriculum and they are tough competitors for MBBS with Russia and Georgia so the students would not have to worry about learning a new language for the MBBS.

  • Technically-enhanced learning

These medical universities in Uzbekistan offer some of the most advanced teaching technology. This allows students to keep their education up to date and relevant. Students who have completed MBBS from Uzbekistan are eligible to apply for a Medical Licensing Examination to obtain a certificate to work in any part of the world.

You can make your career more secure by taking admission to the top medical universities in Uzbekistan. Get the complete details of admission to MBBS abroad at our center. Axis Institutes is a direct authorized representative of Tashkent Medical Academy / Samarkand State Medical University in Uzbekistan.

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