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Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

MBBS from Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan

Nowadays, every year medical students give preference to foreign countries’ medical universities for MBBS abroad.  They get a high quality of education, religious freedom, and a favorable climate which allures Indian students to study abroad.

The Tashkent medical academy is located in the capital city of Tashkent; it is the largest and most populated city. The city has metro services and all the basic amenities to attract medical students.  Tashkent medical academy is one of the Best MBBS Abroad Institutes in Uzbekistan has recognized as 3-star and 7th rank institution in Uzbekistan.

There are various advantage for which students prefer studying Tashkent medical academy is a better choice as well as a decision.

  1. The University follows a holistic approach to education and offers professional high-quality education at world standards.
  2. All facilities are made available at affordable tuition fees.
  3. The University takes into account regional pathology which is critically important for Asian and Latin American countries.
  4. The University has an excellent faculty and staff strength so that students can get a high standard of medical knowledge. It is incomparable with other universities.
  5. There are well-equipped classrooms, basic science and skills laboratories, training centers, and clinical bases at University.
  6. The University helps the students in gaining more knowledge, and experience and provides exposure for students.
  7. It has outstanding international partnerships and cooperation with international scientific and educational centers.
  8. The institute organizes holidays and festivals, sports, summer health-improvement camps, amateur performances, and meetings with prominent people of the Republic.
  9. The University offers accommodation facilities, mess, and laundry for the students.
  10. MBBS education at TMA aims to balance both theoretical and practical frames of education.
  11. 5 years-long MBBS course includes classroom learning with a distinguished faculty and one year of internship in the final year.
  12. Tashkent Medical Academy, there is no need for you to worry about safety at all. TMA administration is very particular regarding the security of students they follow the protocol for entry and exit of the students.
  13. TMA provides space for students’ athletic and recreational activity so the campus is designed in the modern style and is well equipped with the latest technology for students.
  14. The degree offered is globally accepted indicating in which country you want to start your medical career you can.
  15. The campus is ragging free which indicates that no individual can create any nuisance to you. If something is happening, higher authorities are available for taking strict action immediately.


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