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Best MBBS Abroad Institutes in Uzbekistan

Studying MBBS In Tashkent Medical Academy is a Good Choice

Tashkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan and known for one of the Best MBBS Abroad Institutes in Uzbekistan Tashkent Medical Academy. TMA is a modern innovational institution that saves the best traditions of classic medical education.Tashkent Medical Academy is located among the top medical colleges in Uzbekistan and they are also recognized by NMC and WHO.

Every year Medical students give preference to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan at

Tashkent Medical Academy due to many objective reasons:

  1. All the facilities made available at affordable tuition fees. The average cost there sums up is around Rs. 4 lacs (including tuition fees and hostel fees)
  2. The Tashkent Medical Academy is ensuring the training of the highly competent medical programme for the enhancement of health care being supplied to the people and the structure of the healthcare system.
  3. The university provides a world-class, professional education.
  4. Religious freedom, legal protection, a hospitable climate, and other similar elements are vitally important for Asian and Latin American nations.
  5. The academics and personnel at the university are quite strong. They are experts in their fields and can provide the young minds with a top-notch education.
  6. The university has a huge infrastructure that includes well-equipped classrooms, laboratories for fundamental sciences and skills, training facilities, and most crucially, clinical bases.
  7. The University has excellent international partnerships and collaborates with worldwide scientific and educational institutions to support student exposure.
  8. Along with research, the institute holds celebrations and festivals, athletic events, summer health camps, amateur performances, and meetings with prominent members of the Republic.
  9. The university provides residential facilities and dining services for its students.
  10. The Tashkent Medical Academy’s MBBS programme takes 5 years to complete, including the internship. Consequently, it takes 5 years to finish the programme and earn an MBBS degree.
  11. The five-year-long MBBS programme includes classroom instruction from esteemed faculty and a one-year internship during the course’s final year, which provides students with real-world training.

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