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Top most university to study MBBS in Uzbekistan

When it comes to pursuing MBBS from abroad, Uzbekistan is the high rated country among the abroad destinations. The reason is, they were pioneers in advanced education in the Central Soviet region. Education here can be described through different adjectives. It is decent, inexpensive, much sought, favourable and what not! Uzbekistan has good Universities for MBBS. There are many medical universities with a higher world ranking than most of the medical colleges in India. The top university in Uzbekistan to study MBBS for Indian students is the Samarkand State Medical University. The other best universities in the country that is favourable for Indian students are the Tashkent state medical institute.

Here we have some features that why these two are the Top most universities to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan:

Samarkand State Medical Institute for MBBS:

  • The university has a strong reputation for its medical education.
  • Well-equipped clinical laboratories.
  • Multimedia lecture halls and classrooms for medical aspirants.
  • The medium of instruction in the English language.
  • The university is officially recognized by medical bodies.
  • Education loan facility with a low fee structure.
  • Excellent methodology for studying MBBS.
  • Premium top-class facilities, internet connection
  • Scientific library equipped with computer labs, modern techniques, and other resources like lecture texts, E-textbooks, E-magazines, multimedia, and CDs, etc
  • Collaboration and partnerships with many educational and international organizations.
  • Modern medical equipment like operating microscopes, ultrasound diagnostic devices, gamma lasers, video endoscopy devices, incubators, endoscopy, anesthesia apparatus, and ECG, etc
  • Team of professional members
  • High quality of training for students with medical education.


Tashkent Medical Academy:

  • Tashkent Medical Academy is recognized by NMC and WHO
  • World-class education at affordable tuition fees
  • The institute accounts for regional factors like religious freedom and law defense
  • Well-equipped classrooms, basic science, and clinical laboratories, and training centres
  • Clinical bases impart world-class education
  • Cooperation with international scientific and educational centers
  • Provide exposure to students
  • The experienced staff at the university
  • Advanced teaching methodology
  • Enhances clinical and interpersonal skills of the students

When you try to get admission to abroad university, there are a lot more intricacies that you must take care of and it’d be better if you seek help from an education consultancy for the same, studying in abroad is not an easy task but Axis Institutes are striving to make it easy.

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